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'Twas the Devil (2021)


Set in England's dark past, Zachary (Simon Cleary), desperately hauls his wife's corpse towards her final resting place. You - the viewer - guide Zachary and make choices along his journey, as he encounters a host of deranged locals through a mind-bending landscape in a unique interactive experience.


'Twas the Devil is a feature-length interactive "choose-your-own-folktale" experiment in digital storytelling with multiple endings.




Written and directed by Mark Garvey


Produced by Mairead Fitzpatrick, Callum Oakaby-Wright, Mark Garvey


Co-produced by Rachel Cuthill, Tom Gillson, Michael Manning


Cinematography, editing and sound design by Mark Garvey


Sound recording by Mairead Fitzpatrick, Michael Manning, Jheryl Stewart, Callum Oakaby-Wright


Music by Tasha Fights Tigers


Artwork and illustration by Brad Robert Benford


Makeup by Rachel Cuthill

Cast of Characters:


Zachary Makepiece: Simon Cleary

Agnes Makepiece: Mairead Fitzpatrick

Mary: Rachel Cuthill

Maddox: Scott Robinson

Martin: Philip K. Meadows

Mephistopheles: Gerry George

Man-animal: Mario St. Phillips

Miles: Callum Oakaby-Wright

Mourner: Keir Husband

Medicine Man: Marco Marconi

Mage: Caroline Fitch

Motionless man: Alex Laurence

Mowed man: Ben Drake

Matthew Montague: Michael Manning

Musician: Bill Hooper

Mercer: Chris Nicholls

Moor: Akar Faraj

Man-fool: Chris Punter

Marionette man: Moses Quinby

Merchant: Nathan Loughran

Medium: Maureen Roche

Man O the Woods: Mark Garvey

Mirth maker: Ian Tucknott

Marchamont: Stuart Offord

Mesmerised: Emma Tozer

Mesmerised: Sam Sergeant

Mesmerised: Matt Harvey

Mesmerised: John Cameron

Mesmerised: Gary Karvem

Millicent: Rosie Hooper

Minister: Brad Robert Benford

Major Matrell: Tom Gillson





All of the place names mentioned in East Anglia are real places: Boxford, Boxted, Broxted, Buxhall, Claxton, Croxton, Exning, Felixstowe, Flixton, Foxearth, Hoxne, Ixworth, Laxfield, Lexden, Oxborough, Oxen End, Saxlingham Nethergate, Saxmundham, Saxtead, Spexhall, Spixworth, Thaxted, Waxham, Wixoe, Wroxham, Yaxham, Yaxley and Yoxford, and each has "X" in their name.